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How to Open a Dispensary or Delivery Service

FREE Expert Guidance From a Dispensary Owner On How To Start a Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensary or Delivery Service

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My name is Matt Jacobsen and I’ve been a staunch activist in the medical marijuana start a dispensarymovement for the past decade. In that time, I’ve operated and assisted several dispensaries at once. As a devoted activist of the movement, it is my goal to see that medical marijuana becomes widespread and everyone seeking to open a dispensary is able to, so I’d like to share my knowledge with you, free of charge.

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  • The #1 most overlooked factor when it comes to opening a dispensary that can make a huge impact on its acceptance…
  • What’s legal and what isn’t and how to structure your dispensary in a legal way that guarantees it will stay open…
  • How to approach the city/community you’re in and having them actually want you to be there!
  • How to approach law enforcement and have them work along side you and support you instead of hinder you…
  • A plan to earn a substantial amount of revenue (to be reinvested back into your non-profit)
  • The most important forms and applications you need to get started…
  • How to find a location (landlords arent always open to the idea but you’ll learn how to change that)…
  • How to grow your own medicine with as high quality as possible and to also help you be as profitable as possible…
  • The exact medications patients want so you are successful right away…

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Matt’s Message To Everyone:

We’re also going to be doing live webinars once a week that will have the top medical marijuana attorneys from each state that will cover a certain aspect of the process and will also be available to answer any questions you have in a Q&A format. Its going to be amazing!! We’re so excited for it and you will be even more excited. I truly hope everyone can join. Ill be posting the link here for it when its available and I’ll also email everyone so everybody has enough time to arrange for it. This is your time to get the exact help you need from all of us together at once so take full advantage of it!!

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The information contained in this website is not legal advice, and is for general educational purposes only. We are not endorsing any action. No attorney-client relationship is being formed between you and any attorney featured on this site, Cannabis College HQ nor any other affiliates mentioning this site by viewing this program. You are strongly advised to seek advice of legal counsel before taking part in the medical marijuana industry. Please be mindful that the possession, use, and distribution of cannabis is a Federal crime pursuant to the Federal Controlled Substances Act. Please also understand that even under most State laws, possession, use, and distribution of cannabis is still listed as a crime, though if it is for medical use there may be an affirmative defense for qualifying patients.


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