Cannabis College

Cannabis College

With so much controversy and “gray area” in the law regarding medical marijuana, wouldn’t it be great if there was some kind of Cannabis College to really spell it all out for you in total detail? Many people looking to start a medical marijuana collective, cooperative, delivery or storefront dispensary don’t even know where to start, let alone the finer matters of the law and how to operate in this industry without problems or hassle. If you are looking for a full resource to take you step by step through the process of creating and operating in the medical cannabis industry, look no further.

If all you’ve got is an idea to start a dispensary and don’t know where to go to make it a reality, all the resources are to be found in one place. What could easily take you months or years to learn in full detail, hunting down information piece by piece, you can gain access to quickly, easily, and most importantly, accurately through the online cannabis college. Starting out, you’ll get resources on being a patient yourself, the backbone of any venture into this industry. You’ll need to know what ailments qualify someone for medical marijuana.

Though the vast majority of collectives and cooperatives have been operating outside the parameters of their state’s medical marijuana laws, you can have the upper hand to know that you are operating in the best way possible and rest easy at night. Learn about what corporate and non profit entities need to get set up and the easiest, cheapest way to do so. Hear straight out of the mouths of experienced lawyers in the medical cannabis field for your particular state, the do’s and don’ts of your state laws, all in video format in the virtual cannabis college. Have direct access to all the paperwork you will ever need to start and run your organization.

Learn the legal and political history of the medical marijuana movement and be well informed of your rights as a patient and as a legal entity operating in the industry through the video cannabis college. Know exactly what you can and cannot do as a delivery service for medical marijuana patients and their collectives. If you want to handle more of the aspects of serving your patients within your own organization, you can learn the laws on growing medicinal cannabis and transporting it in large quantities. You can even learn how to make sure you produce the best quality medication possible.

What about money matters? Accountants who are studied in the law regarding collectives and cooperatives are also consulted to make sure you do not have trouble with the IRS and are managing the collective’s money in a proper way. Keep yourself out of trouble by making sure the finances of your collective are being managed properly. The medical marijuana industry has specific laws for this as well, so find out exactly what you need to know from the cannabis college.

Have a specific question? You can search our video archives question by question, answered by attorneys specializing in the medical marijuana industry for all of the different states with legal provisions for the industry. This is literally a cannabis college video library of interviews answering specific questions by the most respected lawyers, doctors, and successful collective operators in the field. It has clear instructions pointing you to specific resources to set up, operate and succeed, step by step.

If you somehow manage to exhaust the huge database of information and guidance on setup and operation of your medical marijuana collective, if there is any stone left unturned, any question you have that is unanswered, simply ask and you shall receive. If there is a question this cannabis college has not answered for you, it will get the answer. It’s truly that simple. There is no other resource as dedicated to your full knowledge and success in the industry as the cannabis college.


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